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Friday, March 03, 2006


This will be my last post on Blogger. I've had too many technical issues with this site. You can now find all these posts at

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FCC nomination

I just received information that the Senate Commerce Committee plans to hold a confirmation hearing on March 9 for telecommunications lawyer Robert McDowell to serve on the Federal Communications Commission. If confirmed, McDowell would give FCC Chairman Kevin Martin a Republican majority and allow him to proceed on controversial issues such as rewriting media ownership rules.

What will this mean for Christian radio? Who knows. In a time when large media companies are buying radio stations left and right and more and more local programming is going away, regulation may just be the ticket for a a local radio come-back.
Some believe FCC is expected to prevent a company from owning a newspaper and a radio or television station that serve the same market.

This may be what's needed to bring back local ownership of radio stations in many markets. We'll see.