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Saturday, February 25, 2006

We were right all along

I recently read a posting from a Christian radio consultant. In the last few years these consultants have been saying that we (as Christian broadcasters) need to have a single listener profile of who we're trying to reach. The majority of Christian radio programmers have used 'Becky' - a 40 year old married mother of two. She's a busy person who's probably a soccer mom.I've always objected to this. While this works really well for secular radio, it doesn't work so well with Christian radio (IMHO). The funny thing is, the consultants aren't so sure radio stations should do that any more.

According to consultant Alan Mason, "Consider the AC station trying to focus on a 40 year old woman. That single person could wind up being a mother of two, divorced, a woman who has chosen to be without children, or even a young grandmother.

Go ahead, build a profile for that!

If you look at the makeup of your Arbitron, chances are you’ll see two, three, or even four different kinds of listeners. You don’t have a single target these days; you have a family of target."

This has been the point of us news people all along. While we know that women make up 55 to 60 percent of our audience, we also know that men make up to other 40 to 45 percent. When you consider that men are 'called' to be the spiritual leaders of the home, why are men being ignored? Don't you think that women would listen to programming targeted to the male listener, knowing that what he's hearing will have an impact on their families?

I think this could be a turning point for Christian radio. We have long seen a major segment of our Christian radio audience ignored and now because the consultants say it's okay to have four or five different types of listeners, we may see radio stations meeting the needs of people, not broadcasting to one person.

Now if we can just get the consultants to admit that God Word is the most important thing about Christian radio, we'll be in good shape. More on that in another post.



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