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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Getting ready for Texas

I love and hate the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. When I attended my first NRB in 1988 I was in awe of everything. First, it was held in Washington DC, which was really cool. I could believe I was walking and talking with all the broadcasters I grew up listening to. Uncle Charlie, Chuck Swindoll, Jim Dobson, Bob Bowman. It was great. I attended EVERY session and talked to as many people as I could. And, since I was with the press and covered some really great stories.

Being young, I took in everything and listened intently to every speaker. I remember that NRB like it was yesterday. I kept thinking to myself, "I would love to do this every year…I would learn so much." That year, I learned a lot and took a lot back with me, both spiritually and professionally.

However, over the years I have not only watched the great things that Christian radio and television has to offer, I've also seen the negatives. I've seen false teachers, cults, relativists, platonic thinkers and the list seems to be getting longer and longer infiltrate the NRB. I struggle at times why I continue to be involved with NRB, especially when my good friend was ousted from the leadership role. That had to have been the low point -- watching Christians lie about someone I have so much respect for.

But then I remember it only takes one to make a difference. I'm not suggestion that I'M the one…but I am suggesting I can help that 'one' make a difference.

Christian Radio, especially, is at a crossroads. They can do what the world wants them to do and forget about the basics of the faith. Forget things like, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." They can forget that ministry is the most important thing and focus on ratings. They can forget that many people listen to Christian radio because it IS different. Or, they can redouble their efforts to have an effective ministry. They can play music that 'speaks' truth, infused with God's Word, that's more powerful than any two-edged sword -- or any Arbitron book.

As I post here, I realize that I may be biting the hand that feeds me. That's not my intention at all. I consider it a privilege to be on each and every radio station that grants us air time. But, I hope they will remember that God called us (as believers) to proclaim the Gospel. Being an entertainer is fine and God calls people to be do that, but does He do that at the expense of the Gospel?


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