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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005 in Review

It was an incredible year in Christian radio in 2005. We saw so much happen. We saw more growth in network radio stations (Salem, KLove, etc). A few long time radio stastions sold to these folks. We saw even more long form programs cut from more music oriented radio stations, but we also noticed more people podcasting these same programs. We also saw Satellite Radio and wireless radio become more popular.

The question we'll need to answer is; which technology will win in the battle for consumers?

In the year ahead, we will see both of these technologies grow. The impact on radio will vary. For radio stations that have local programming, news, weather, announcers, etc, the impact (in my opinion) will be minimal. However, local stations will have to work very hard to keep quality high. For national networks with little local programming, these stations will see (in my opinion) a significant impact. As the technology grows (either way), many people listening to 'network' programming will listen to these technologies more and more.

But, God is in control and if local Christian radio sticks to what they do best (local radio), they will be fine.