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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas on the air

My family and I were traveling for the holiday and we were listening to a Christian radio station. My wife and I were enjoying the wide variety of Christmas music. It was quite relaxing and reflective, until the announcer came on and said, "...when your relationship with God is in line, the presents will take care of themselves." What does that mean , exactly? I thought perhaps the announcer could have said, "Why do we celebrate Christmas? Because we want to celebrate the relationship we have in Christ, and you can have that relationship, too. That's the greatest gift of us to find out how..." Or, call Need Him, or something like that. It was almost like the announcer was trying NOT to talk about salvation or the Gospel. I wonder why?

When I was an announcer, I constantly tried to encourge people to look at the true meaning of the season. They were listening to Christian radio for a reason. I wanted to make sure they knew why we were different and why we were different. By listening yesterday, I couldn't tell you why the radio station was's wasn't different at all. I later turned over to a secular radio station and heard the same kind of music there. The only difference was the announcer didn't get in the way.

My prayer this Christmas is that Christian radio stations will use the most depressing time of the year (for some), to be the happiest time of year by pointing them to the One who can turn their tears to laughter, their anger into happiness, and depression into joy.

God bless you all as you get ready for the season that God gave us to celebrate His Son's birth, so we can have life.


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