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Thursday, October 20, 2005

What's does it mean?

I had this conversation with a good friend today. The question was; is the Gospel offensive? If the answer is yes (and, I think it is) how can a Christian radio station NOT be offensive?

I think that's why Christian radio isn't as popular as main-stream radio. If we're faithful to the true Gospel, we'll be talking about sin. Sin is offensive. It offends me (or, should I say...I'm an offense). But, understanding we're all sinners is an 'offense' we MUST not disregard. Also, knowing there's no good in man (or me) could also be viewed as offensive by those who are unbelievers. Does, this mean we don't talk about it? Would someone get the wrong view of Christianity if we failed to mention this on the air? I'm all for having a lot of listeners.

I'm all for making Christian radio attractive, but where do we draw the line at compromising the Gospel?


Blogger Couchy said...

The thing is, when "Christian" radio is OFFENSIVE with the gospel, not ALL OF IT is utilized. Usually, it's just the part about sin, or the part about grace, but never all of it.

So, when most Christian stations earnestly attempt to share the gospel, they are offensive for no purpose because they leave so much out that seekers and non-Christians can't understand what's so attractive about the gospel in the first place.

Besides, a strong case could be made that simply modeling how a Christian lives life (all areas...not just "churchy" or "sanctified" areas of life) is just as powerful as overtly sharing the gospel or reading from the Bible.

I can preach, condemn, and encourage until I am blue in the face. But if I have not connected with the person watching (listening) and if they don't trust me and see in me my love for Jesus, none of that preaching, condemning, or encouraging will make a dime's difference.

Unfortunately for Christian radio stations that share the gospel, the personalities get in the way of it actually going anywhere.

Thankfully, God will still allow them to be used, as well as what you view to be surface-level stations, despite the short-comings among each group of people.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the problem. I think Christian radio professionals are so 'worried' about screwing up, they don't share ANY part of the Gospel.

Couchy, when you leave out the Gospel, no amount of feel-good, happy go lucky entertainment is going to grab the heart of a person. God's message of the entire Gospel is what draws people to Himself.

The part that bugs me most is that the most popular Christian radio stations have a difficult time telling their listeners the last time they've seen someone come to Christ. They can tell you their 'share,' they can tell you people love what they're doing (whatever it is) and that you've touched them in some way, helped them through a tough time, but that can be said of country radio stations, too. There are some pretty touching songs that 'speak' to people.

The difference for Christian radio, IMHO is God's Word. Don't delute it because you think you're going to swrew it up.

11:15 PM  
Blogger gyoder said...

okay, guy (whoever you are)the least you could do is identify yourself. Although, I think I agree with most of what you're saying.

I think the issue is presentation. Some believe the message needs to be flashy and well done. Others think you just need to speak it and God does the rest. Others think you shouldn't do it at all and it should be left to the professionals. As Christians, we are the professionals and if your on-air people can't communicate the Gospel, the question I have is, why did you hire them?

While I don't think Christian radio's only purpose is to evangelize, I do think it should be a part of our mission. That's why I got into Christian radio.

In terms of my "surface level radio" opinion, I think entertaining Christian radio with a purpose of attracking listeners with music and /or entertainment, with a goal of getting them to events where they will eventually hear the entire Gospel, is great. I'm all for it.

What I'm against, is radio Christian radio stations who want to grow for growth's sake without a plan to do anything spiritually for anyone. Their end goal is entertainment. There's nothing wrong with entertainment. I like it, but don't call it Christian radio.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am trying to find out how many Christian radio stations are in the US. I thought it would be easy to find the answer. I did find that as of 2005 there are 13,838 total radio stations.
January is National Radio month!

3:59 PM  

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