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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Social Gospel vs The Gospel

I've been doing some thinking about what strategies Christians are using in their evangelism quest. I'm talking 'social gospel' vs the 'real Gospel.'

Have you heard this? "People won't listen to the Gospel if they have an empty belly." I've heard that, too, but I'm not so sure I agree with it. If you feed someone before you share the Gospel, you still have a sinner who needs Christ...but now he or she is now full and ready to move on.

The danger of the 'social gospel' is you spend so much time trying to figure out how to 'lure' people in, that many times groups forget about sharing the gospel. I've talked with agencies that proport to be a Christian ministry, but when asked about how they share the Gospel as they help, they say things like, "We don't do that...we just try to feed or clothe them and IF the ask, we point them to the local church." What kind of evangelism is that?

I think there's something to be said for 'breaking ground' in evangelism...a friendship evangelism initiative. However, the goal isn't to cloud the Gospel initially. The goal is to win trust with the individual so that over time you can begin dropping 'nuggets' of the Gospel, earning the right to talk about Christ.

In the Hurricane Katrina disaster there are many groups helping with relief, but there are only a few groups that are using this opportunity to share the REAL Gospel, the only Gospel that gives real hope. Any other gospel is what Paul calls, 'another gospel.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you've stumbled upon a very significant issue -- Motive. We must provide food and clothing not because we want to lure the people into our country club (some call it a church), but because we are wholly interested in redeeming one who bears the image of God. Life must be preserved if we are to be effective, so immediate physical needs must be met. But I think our lives must be so strikingly different from the World that those to whom we reach know immediately that we are different. Then we let them know that the Lord seeks to redeem much more than their flesh, and to meet many more than physical needs!

As long as our motives are driven by desires to build attendance and get more money so we can have more stuff, people (blind though they are) will see right through us. If, instead, we pour out our lives every single day in order to redeem these people around us, then our genuineness will stand out like a Light in a very dark world.

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