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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Church response great

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita has proven a couple of things.

1. Christians care. The evangelical church has really stepped to the plate to help people. God protected many of them. Naturally, these churches became centers for relief and outreach. Many Christians stopped everything to help. Many churches sent teams of people to help with relief and rescue efforts. Now churches are collecting money and sending teams to rebuild churches, homes and communities. What a testamony this is to non-believers. Where are the Muslim groups? Where are the Hindu groups? Where are other religious organizations? They're not around. Christians love people...all people.

2. Despite these acts of God, Americans still ignore the need for Christ. I'm amazed at how when times of trouble hit, they blame everyone...they get angry...they grieve...but they fail to understand that Christ is the only answer to their problems.

While the church has responded, the question is 'how' have they responded? Yes, they've provided food, water, and other physical needs. But, have they shared the most important need -- the Gospel? What has Christian radio done to inspire people to share the Gospel, along with the aid their providing? I think everyone's so focused on physical need that they think the Gospel will be the end result. But, unless the Gospel is intentional, it will never be shared.

What do you think?


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