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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Don't get me wrong...

I love my job. I don't really consider it work, although I do appreciate the pay check. Really, I love tell the world about news that makes a difference. I consider what I do 'a call' from God. I hope because of what we're doing at MNN that we're making a difference for eternity.

But, at the same time I would love to manage a Christian radio station today. While I'm not saying I know everything there is to know about Christian radio, I think it would be fun to buck 'the trends' and show the industry that there isn't a 'set in stone' way to program a station today and be successful (what God considers successful). Yes, yes, I know, it's got to be worth listening to. It has to be 'packaged well' and it has to be compelling. But, one thing is certain, the station I run would have ministry as it's focus. There would be events, but these events would be geared toward spiritual growth and evangelism. It would have a full-service news department, great music (but not just what the CRW tells me to play), but most importantly, it would make God's Word the center of its mission.

Why am I posting this? I don't know, really. I guess it's because I'm tired of hearing Christian radio that says nothing. So many stations are so interested in the 'mechanics' that they totally lose the heart, soul and passion that drives them. I miss the days when I could turn on the radio and have someone minister to me where I live. Where's the talk about sin in our lives? Where's the talk about the cross? Where's the message of the Gospel...the reminder many of us need to get through a difficult time in our lives.

Yes, I guess that's 'preaching to the choir' to a degree. But, as you're talking about what matters, there will always be a few who are listening because they're searching for truth.

Some day...maybe.

NOT! I like what i do too much to give it up right now. :)


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