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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A great Midwest NRB

I just returned from a wonderful Midwest NRB Chapter meeting. Over 100 people attended on the campus of Moody Bible Institute. It was great seeing people that have become good friends through the industry.

The week started Wednesday with the new president of Moody, Michael Esley talking about broadcasters sticking to the word and not preaching another Gospel. He even gave some examples and even talked about a major network that was guilty of allowing someone to broadcast on the air, even though the person was preaching another Gospel.

Crawford Loritts also spoke on a similar topic, saying if you care more about ratings than you care about souls you were in the wrong business. He also told us that the Gospel doesn't change, we only need to communicate in clearly and stop taking verses out of context to fit 'our' purposes.

We also got Christian Worldview training from two guys at Cornerstone University, Dr. Michael Witmer and Dr. Mark Blocher. We were told many Christians forget that Christian worldview thinking must keep in mind creation, the fall and the resurection. Many Christians think creation was bad so we should hate this world. In reality, creation was good (God said so seven times), but man fell creating a fallen world, which makes life bad.

It was a great three days. I needed to recharge my batteries and I'm ready to continue serving God. Have a great week. I'll be in India July 18-25. I'll try to post as I'm able.


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