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Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's coming to the US

I did an interview with Peter Stokes. He's the Executive Officer of Australia's Salt Shaker ministry. They're a 'watchdog' group, tracking issues effecting Christian in that country.

In 2001 in Victoria, Australia the legislature passed legislation called, 2001 Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. It makes it illegal to vilify any race or religion. In other words, you can't say Muslims and those practicing Witchcraft are bound for hell, that's not vilifies people...creating hate.

I'm told Australia doesn't have anything like the American's 1st Amendment. Well, this bill passed with only a few groups like Salt Shakers opposing the bill.

Well, their worst fears are coming to reality. Last year two pastors were convicted of religious vilification of Muslims because they were teaching about Islam. They were convicted based on the words they read from the Koran. They're still waiting to find out their punishment under the law.

Then it got worse. A convicted sex offender has taken the Salvation Army to court for vilifying his religion, witchcraft. Obviously the Bible condemns that.

The question I have is; how long is it going to take for the unwise politicians of the United States to come up with similar legislation that will limit God's word. The Bible 'vilifies' many groups of people. The Gospel is offensive. That's its nature to convict people of sin so sinners can come to repentance. I fear it's only a matter of time.


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