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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I'm wondering something

I have posted something on our news forum this weekend that has me a bit concerned. I get the feeling some Christian broadcasters think they're above it all. The last thing I posted was a long well-thought out opinion of Christian radio. I thought it was worth looking into. But, I received several e-mails complaining about the message. I even had one person suggest that we dismiss this altogether because his comments are in the minority. Why?? I don't get it. Why wouldn't you want to consider all views of something before you dismiss it?

I have a few listeners that I know have agendas. Many times I know what they're after when they call, write or leave message. I think we all have these types of people. But, there are those who call, share their heart, concerns and let me know they're praying for us. Those are the poeple are respect and seriously consider their complaints and comments.

The more I think about Jeremy's comments, the more I wonder if much of Christian radio is on the wrong track, including program producers. I know we're all after more listeners. We need listeners! No question, but as my friend points out, "are we trying to buy listeners" with these big ticket give-aways? And, as Jeremy suggests, are we "encouraging covetousness?"

I really think these are good questions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to chuckle a bit at the suggestion to "dismiss this altogether because [my] comments are in the minority." Yes, I'm aware I'm a very small minority. But God's people are ALWAYS a minority. The prophets were often one man crying out to thousands deaf ears. But God's faithfulness made sure the message was proclaimed nonetheless, and salvation was available to all who repented. Irony.

Pray long and hard about my words. Beg God for wisdom and insight and Truth. He will provide. But if you're going to dismiss my message, I urge you to be absolutely certain my message violates Scripture and God's call to His people before you do. Let's not be overly anxious to die in the wilderness.

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