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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

While I'm on the topic

You know what I can't stand? A radio station that says they have a 'news room' when in reality they have nothing but an AP computer sitting in one corner printing out stories they print out at 5:30 am and read the same story over and over again. Why waste the time?

This morning I was listening to a radio station that aired a network feed for two minutes and then broke in with 'the latest news' from their news room. Unfortunetly for this 'news room' they failed to watch television or monitor other radio stations. Had they done this they wouldn't have continued airing a story about looking for a suspect that had already been found by police on the other side of the state.

Just goes to prove, a good news department makes the radio station. It's a very important part of Christian programming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That also goes for a station that gets only AP headlines from the wire, or one of the other services that are too brief to answer basic questions. That brief, and too many people are left with questions the station can't answer. At WIHS in Middletown, CT we still have the full state file from AP Hartford because we need the details and story count to provide a review of statewide. I also write stories and pull local audio for both mainstream and "faith & ministry" news. We have evening news during a three hour teaching/devotional block that is noting but faith & ministry, not counting an additional airing of MNN!

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