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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I wonder about who's coaching

I've received a couple of e-mail invitations recently about announcer coaching. One conference is having one-on-one critique sessions. Midwest NRB will having talent coaching by Christian Music Broadcasters. What type of coaching will they be receiving?

I'm not saying announcers don't need coaching. While Christian radio is getting better, I think we all need coaching. But, my question is, are they getting the coaching they need to be better CHRISTIAN broadcasters (which I consider a higher calling).

Yes, there are some people that just attract people to them. You know the personalities. For me, it was JP McCarthy at WJR in Detoit. He was the most well read, informed, involved, communicator I knew. At least that's what you believed. I've always tried to emulate him. Obviously, News-Talk is a format that doesn't 'fly' in Christian Music Radio these days. But, that type of announcing is needed in Christian radio today. Someone who's well read, involved in the community, that can communicate the Gospel in a way people can clearly understand.

The nuts and bolts are good, but what you do with them is what's important.


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