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Monday, May 16, 2005

Global Day of Prayer

What an event. I wish all churches would have participated in it. The Global Day of Prayer was incredible. I've never been a part of anything like it. It was like a slow moving river, circling the globe.

If you're not aware of what happened, 250-million Christians form 150 nations gathered to pray for global transformation. It wasn't a one day event. It's actually a beginning. 11 days ago, Christians began praying 24/7 for global transformation. Then the Global Day of Prayer actually became the day in which Christians we encouraged to transform their community first, and then reach out to the rest of the world. It was patterned after Acts 1-2 and what happened at Pentecost.

If you haven't heard some of the audio, go to and listen to some of the reports from around the world. It was great! I wish every church would have participated in some way. What a wonderful concert of prayer it would have been. I know there were a few radio stations that covered the event, KCBI is just one example. Thanks for doing that, guys.


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