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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Arbitron Numbers you care?

I was sitting around the lunch table today and the topic of Arbitron came up. For those that don't know, that's a "measuring stick" of sorts. It helps radio stations get an idea of who's listening to their radio station.

Many more non-commercial Christian radio stations are receiving these numbers. Many claim it's a 'tool' to help them figure out how they're doing. My question is; what determines how you're doing? Is it if you have more listeners than you had the previous quarter? Or, is it if you're seeing more people come to Christ or seeing lives changed because of your ministry? Or a combo of both?

I'm not so sure this is a good guide-post for Non-com radio. I'm not saying we shouldn't be doing good radio. I'm all for that. What I am concerned about is that we're so worried about getting more listeners we water down the 'ministry' part of radio for fear the gospel will offend some of our listeners. Since many non-coms have access to Arbitron reports (because of the consultants they've hired) Christian radio may be heading in that direction.

Does your station use Arbitron? How do you use the information?


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