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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Poll results

The results of the web poll are in. They weren't surprising, but here are the results out of a little more than 1,000 votes cast.

When you listen to Christian radio, what causes you to tune away?

A. A song I don't like.
 [tally] 55%

B. To find more comprehensive news.
 [tally] 29%

C. I don't like the news.
 [tally] 2%

D. A long/short program.
 [tally] 14

Let's evaluate this a bit. When listeners listens to a Christian music radio station they want to hear their favorite songs. But, when they hear a song they don't like, they're more likely to tune away because of that song they don't like than for any other reason. What does that mean? Don't play a song they don't like or you've lost them.

The second reason people leave is to get more comprehensive news coverage. Nearly 30-percent of those people listening want more comprehensive news coverage. It doesn't make sense to me that music radio stations are cutting news coverage. Their listeners aren't asking for it. Most Christian radio listeners want news from Christian world-view. They're not saying they want less news, they're saying they want more of it.

And, it also doesn't make sense that Music radio stations are taking programming off the air because people are more apt to tune out because of a song than a program. If fact, if you talk to people who listen to Christian music radio, they often name not only their favorite songs, but also their favorite program.

Very few people said they didn't like the news.

In summary: If you work for a music radio station do a lot of surveying to make sure you're playing the right songs. Make sure your news is comprehensive coverage and don't drop Christian programming and make sure you don't drop the news. Ultimately you'll lose audience if you do.


Blogger Couchy said...

Interesting results. HOW they came shade them though. This was a poll via MNN's site, right? Meaning that the visitors are already predisposed towards a certain mindset. To some, that may not make your results seem completely objective.

Still interesting though, and I don't entirely disagree. It's a complex subject though :-).

11:21 PM  

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