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Thursday, April 07, 2005

MNN update

I thought I would give you all an update on what's happening here at Mission Network News. We're in the middle of 2005-2006 budget time. We're in very good shape. I'd like to outline where we're heading in the next year, but before I do. I have an announcement to make.

MNN is in a new office! If you didn’t know, Mission Network News is a part of Cornerstone University. CU owns three radio stations; WAYK, WAYG, WCSG. It also owns a ministry called, His Kids Radio. And, it owns MNN. Our radio building is bursting at its seams. At any rate, we are now located in a portable unit. I'm not sure how long we'll be here, but it's comfortable and we're able to get a lot of work done because nobody comes out to visit us. :)

Back to planning for 2005-06. We will be making a major announcement about a partnership. This partnership will allow us to translate Mission Network News into another language (which I won't name right now). We'll be able to tell millions more Christians how they can get involved in reaching the lost for Christ. We're also working through a really next 2006 MNN calendar. This is one like none other, really. Well, maybe one other. We're also working through some other partnership issues that could allow us to expand our program offerings to radio stations around the world. It's really exciting around here. It's fun to see God at work.

The internet is also expanding. MNN online is now "podcasting". We also offer several RSS feeds. And, we continue providing resources there that are helping the church stay missions minded. We now have churches in 11 states who have subscribed to our church bulletin insert service. You can see a copy at our web site,

That's it for now.


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