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Friday, April 22, 2005

Is what they want what they need?

"Give 'em what they want" seems to be the mantra being sung by most Christian radio stations these days. It seems to be the case with almost every part of Christian radio these days. Unfortunately there's a flaw in this kind of thinking.

I understand giving them what they want is important to attract the listener to begin with, but there's much more to Christian radio than just giving listeners what they want. I know when I got to church I love the music. That part of the worship service in an important part of focusing on God. But, I also appreciate it when the pastor says something that truly ministers to me. In fact, I'd trade all the music for those wonderful words from the man who God called to be my pastor.

If someone we're to ask me, "what do you like about your church?" I would tell them that I like the music. I would probably tell them that I don't like hymns much, and the message would probably come last. But, then there are those times when I'm blessed incredibly by what I've heard. It was exactly what I NEEDED. It wasn't really what I wanted, but it was definitely needed and it was great.

I think Christian radio stations focus so much on the music, hoping the music keeps people listening. Unfortunately, they end up losing listeners because they need spiritual encouragement. While some song minister, do they really minister as much as God's spoken word? I'm not so sure.

But I know one thing, with more music and fewer programs, time spent listening is going down and Christian radio listeners are being treated more like a consumer than a family member. I miss the family feeling of Christian radio.


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