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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

I'm sitting here at the dining room table this morning thankful for Christ rising from the dead. I know in my heart I would have been just like the disciples. I would have not believed until I would have seen (as Thomas did). I would have wondered what had happened to Jesus on that day. I would have questioned everything I believed. I think we all would have.

As I think about the cross and Christ's resurection, I can't help but know that we (as Christian broadcasters) need to keep pointing people to the cross. We MUST talk about it. We MUST mention it. It's what is Christianity. I love the song by FFH, "On My Cross". While I believe Christ died for the glory of God, he did die in my place. Not that my death would have made any difference for salvation's sake, it would have paid the punnishment I deserved. That's incredible.

My prayer today is that many believers will shout loud and long about the cross and what Christ did for us. Not just today, but everyday.

"Father, thank you for your incredible love for us. Thank you for covering my sins with your blood. Thank you for calling your children to yourself and for extending grace and mercy to us each day. I pray that we'll be faithful at what you've called us to do as Christian broadcasters. In YOUR name I pray, Amen!"


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