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This blog has been established to talk about Christian Radio (the industry) and to encourage those who are working in the industry. I would like to talk about news, music, programs and whatever else comes up. My goal is to get listeners and the professionals to talk about the issues to help make the ministry even better and stronger. Tell all you know about this blog.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

I'm sitting here at the dining room table this morning thankful for Christ rising from the dead. I know in my heart I would have been just like the disciples. I would have not believed until I would have seen (as Thomas did). I would have wondered what had happened to Jesus on that day. I would have questioned everything I believed. I think we all would have.

As I think about the cross and Christ's resurection, I can't help but know that we (as Christian broadcasters) need to keep pointing people to the cross. We MUST talk about it. We MUST mention it. It's what is Christianity. I love the song by FFH, "On My Cross". While I believe Christ died for the glory of God, he did die in my place. Not that my death would have made any difference for salvation's sake, it would have paid the punnishment I deserved. That's incredible.

My prayer today is that many believers will shout loud and long about the cross and what Christ did for us. Not just today, but everyday.

"Father, thank you for your incredible love for us. Thank you for covering my sins with your blood. Thank you for calling your children to yourself and for extending grace and mercy to us each day. I pray that we'll be faithful at what you've called us to do as Christian broadcasters. In YOUR name I pray, Amen!"

Saturday, March 26, 2005

What's News

It's been interesting to hear about all of the news people that have fallen to the Christian Music Radio mind set. That mind set is more music, less talk. We've seen newscasts go from 8 minute casts (four minutes of network coverage and four minutes of state and local) to now just 2 minutes of news.

If my poll continues that way it's going (, the number two reason people tune away from a Christian radio station is to get more comprehensive news. If they're tune away for that, they're getting it from the secular marketplace. Do we really want that? If we 'cave' to the secular news talk stations and allow the television station to tell believers the news from their perspective, we're missing the boat. We should really keep our mouth shut when it comes to the 'liberal media.' They can't help it. After all, Jesus said it best in Matthew 10:22, "All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved." Okay, that's taken a bit out of context, but you get the message.

What responsibility do we have as broadcasters to provide comprehensive news from a Christian world-view? I think I know the answer to this question. YES!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terri Schiavo

I'm sitting in the airport and watching Larry King Live tonight and people are 'glued' to the television about the Terri Schiavo case. I'm amazed at the number of people who simply can't believe the courts are allowing her to die. A little girl about 9 or 10 is currently asking her mother, "Why these people are letting that poor woman die? I thought the police were supposed to help people not hurt people?"

From the mouths of babes

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Results are interesting

I post a poll at that reads: "When you listen to Christian Radio, what causes you to tune away?" Here are the results (so far).

A. A song I don't like.
 [tally] 36%
B. To find more comprehensive news.
 [tally] 43%
C. I don't like the news.
 [tally] 0%
D. A long/short program.
 [tally] 21%

It only confirms what I've always believed. I'm going to leave this up for a while to get a bigger sample of responses.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Poll

Today is a great day. We had an incredible number of hit today. More than 67,000 and our page views we're great, too. We had nearly 15,000 for the day. We're close to the million hits mark and well over the 1/4 million page-view mark for the month. We continue to see growth with Mission Network News in terms of listener interaction. Praise God!

I've posted a new poll on our web site that asks the important question to all radio broadcasters. The question is;"When you listen to Christian radio, what causes you to tune away?" This is just a survey...nothing scientific, but perhaps we'll get an idea of why people turn away. We'll see what kind of response we get.


Sunday, March 20, 2005


I've been sitting here wondering about the future of Christian radio. As I mentioned in my very first post, there are many positions in Christian radio today. I'd like to look at just one side of the industry today; consultants.

I believe that many stations need consultants. Christian radio has typically been '2nd rate' broadcasting. They've settled for average or below average quality for a long time. I believe consultants have helped Christian radio stations improve their sound. In some cases, the quality has improved, but at the expense of ministry.

What I've objected to most it making blanket recommendations. The goal has been to increase to total number of listeners, which isn't a bad thing. But, when consultants tells Christian radio stations to stop talking about Jesus or using Scripture because those things are offensive that's when I get a little upset. And, it is happening all over the United States. The other thing that is currently changing the face of Christian radio is more music less talk. Many Christian radio stations are pulling quality programs like Mission Network News, Focus on the Family, Insight for Living and others simply because they don't want talk. That 'talk' is what plants seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of many. That 'talk' is also what encourages people to get 'actively' involved.

What these station don't understand is that when they take these programs off the air, they're helping to put them out of business. When that happens organizations like Focus on the Family won't be able to minister to people. Insight For Living won't be able to disciple believers in the faith both here at home and in other countries where the need is even greater. And, news networks like Mission Network News won't be able to encourage people to get involved in missions. If those who are called to take this message to the masses are prevented from doing it on the air, who will?

Again, I believe radio stations need help. The consultants have helped many radio stations improve their on air sound. But, I also believe some of the research they're using is flawed and needs to be reviewed. Many are taking secular listening habbits and applying that research to Christian radio listening, and I don't think they're the same at all.

Greg Yoder

Christian Radio

Christian Radio

Let's get started

I've started this blog to have an open discussion about Christian radio. The good the bad and the ugly (so to speak). I love Christian radio. It is responsible for seeing so many people get to know Christ all over the world. It's been a blessing to so many people.

However, Christian radio (in the United States) has changed. There are so many radio stations that have said they don't want to offend people, so they're telling their announcers not to 'preach'. There are other radio stations that suggest that listeners DON'T want to hear talk, so they're only going to play Christian music and let the music do the talking. Yet, there are others who say the music is just a distraction and we're only going to have the 'spoken word' on the air. And, there are others who say we'll do it all.

The goal of this is to talk about the industry and where Christian radio is heading (in the U-S) and encourage people to pray.

God Speed

Greg Yoder